​"Our son and daughter have taken piano lessons from Amy for more that four years and we are thrilled with their progress.  We have been so impressed by Amy's abilitiy to assess our children's skills and choose a curriculum for them that is both challenging and fun.  She is an entusiastac and patient teacher and, at the same time, a skilled and talented musician.  Amy is not only teaching our children the proper technique and fundamentals of piano, but she is developing within them a love of music that will last a lifetime."

--John and Carol Sevier

"I was proudest of my playing when I had a very hard piece and I played it by memory at the recital."

--Carter Olson

​"Ms. Amy has been a kind, flexible, patient and inspiring piano teacher to my daughter for the past 4 years.  She has observed and adapted her teaching style to my daughters way of learning.  She has always encouraged her to grow and has given her opportunitiies to perform and attend guild.  I appreciate everything she has done."

--Maria Knebel

​"Having Amy as my piano teacher was a very great decision.  The challenges she gave me helped me grow in my skills by doing things such as theory, warm-ups, and basic scales that I didn't know before.  Most of all the expression in my pieces were improved greatly.  I believe without her I would not have gotten a one at Districts and a two at State.  I can say I am very satisfied with where I am as a piano player after having lessons from Amy."

--Rachel Backs

"We chose Amy in hopes that she would challenge and grow our daughter in her piano playing.  Rachel had already taken piano for 8 years but was losing interest, had become lazy at practicing and was no longer being challenged by her teacher at the time.  From the beginning I knew Amy was the answer for Rachel.  Not only did she challenge her, it was obvious she cared and was passionate about piano.  I especially loved that Amy wrote down everything Rachel was to do at each home practice session.  No more whipping through a song, gaining nothing from it, just to get through her time.  Amy is concise about what she wants the kids to focus upon.  That really helped Rachel.  She also encouraged Rachel to put herself into her music.  Yes, play accurately but feel what your playing, be expressive.  Amy helped Rachel with Guild, recitals, school music competitions and her church playing.  It was a great almost 2 years with Amy.  Rachel went onto state competition where she received a 2.  I give Amy much of the credit.  Rachel has chosen to no longer take lessons due to a busy school/work schedule, but she continues playing in the band at church.  My goal was always that Rachel be proficient  enough to sit down and play the piano long into her adulthood.  I'd call it a success!

One of the most important things for me as a parent is what kind of adults my children interact with regularly.  Adults in their lives play an important role in developing what is "normal" in their minds.  We know Amy shares our values and has the qualities of an adult we want our daughter to experience.  I know she will offer that balance of discipline and encouragement that is important in a student/teacher relationship.  Amy truly cares about our daughter, not just as a student, but also as a person.  We were blessed to have Amy as a teacher for our daughter for several years, and would recommend her to anyone at any level of skill."

--Tim and Michelle Backs​


Professional Pianist for     over 20 years!

I began my piano studies in the first grade with well-known professor and professional concert pianist, Margaret Nichols.  I continued to study piano throughout college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ball State University. 

I have spent many years teaching as well as playing professionally.   My backround is in the classics, but I have spent much time working as an accompanist, church pianist, and playing in church worship bands.  I currently am an accompanist with the Liberty School District, as well as the pianist for South Liberty Baptist Church.  

My studio, located one mile west of the Liberty Square, offers an excellent setting for learning.  I believe in a well-rounded approach for piano and my lessons touch on theory, technique, and performance.  I gear teaching techniques to suite the level and age of the student and pace demands according to the special capabilities of my students.  Repertoire and materials are wisely chosen to fit the student's needs.  I also offer recitals and other optional performance opportunities throughout each year and am chairperson of the National Guild of Piano Teachers for the Kansas City area.