FREE Piano Hotline

Learning to play the piano doesn't end when your lesson does.  You continue to learn at home as you practice in between your regularly scheduled lessons.  For that reason, I am available to answer questions that may arise during the week.  Give me a call and I'll be happy to explain techniques or clarify concepts.


The First Step...

Piano Lessons are offered in half-hour or one-hour sessions.

Instruction fees are $20 per half-hour and $40 per hour, payable at the beginning of each month.

Learning tools (such as music instruction books and sheet music) will be charged extra.

Each student is responsible for attending one lesson per week.

The fees, in addition to the actual lesson time cover the following:

*   Advance time spent in lesson preparation.

*  Investment in current teaching methods and materials.

*   Recital preparation/time

I highly recommend a personal consultation with any music teacher that you may ultimately choose to teach your child (or yourself).  Therefore, I invite you and your child to come and visit with me at my music  studio.  I offer this service free of charge because I believe it is the first and most important step in making a decision towards piano lessons.  Although information can be given on the phone, there is no substitute for personal contact.  There are three main objectives of the consultation:

*   Personal appraisal of the music teacher     as well as the environment in  which the lessons will be taught.

*   Teacher's appraisal of the student.

*   Student's reaction to the teacher.